Student / Parents Statements:

“Christian has given my son excellent percussion instruction for the last 3 years. My son began his lessons at the age of 7 and has blossomed into a talented drummer; he formed his own band comprised of three 10 year olds and they have been playing concerts in Brooklyn…People are amazed and inspired when they see my son play the drums. Christian has created his own curriculum that stresses all the essential elements…. He has a strong belief that creating a solid foundation will allow students to be comfortable in any style of music, he asks his students for a serious commitment without taking the fun out of the experience….

Being a professional musician myself, I have played with Christian Finger and I must say he is an amazing drummer… I am so happy that my son has the chance to be taught by such a remarkable musician!”
Audra Tsanos

“ ..As a 42 year old woman just starting to play drums, I was eager to find a teacher who would be supportive.
I was immediately impressed with his combination of empathy and professionalism. As a teacher myself, I felt at ease studying with Christian because I was aware that he was not improvising his lessons. Instead it was clear that he had put much thought and planning into how he teaches….”
Angela Starita

“I highly recommend Mr. Finger, he has been teaching my daughter for almost two years. I did extensive research on teachers in the NY City area and interviewed several prospective candidates before selecting Christian. He was by far the top candidate…”
Beth Lindberg-Prather

“Mr. Finger has been teaching at our school for Music since March 2003. During this time Christian has established himself as one of our most popular teachers. Year after year his students continue to return and they always shine in performances…In his teachings, Mr. Finger demonstrates patience and often goes the extra mile to assist his students. Christian teaches students age 6 to adults and finds a way to connect with all of them through his intelligent and flexible approach…”
Noah Bloom (Director of Music Church Street School for Music)

“….It has been a distinct pleasure to have found a teacher with the perfect combination of enthusiasm, love for the drums and a lifetime of experience to share. I highly recommend CF to students of all levels.”
Kristina Goodman

“Christian is very passionate about playing the drums and it is reflected in his approach to teaching…He has helped me to achieve some major milestones with the drum kit…”
Daniel Yee

“…our 8-year-old daughter likes the lessons a lot; she’s always looking forward to her lessons with Christian, who shows a lot of dedication, energy and humor. His ‘Animal Zoo’ concept showed very fast results, and Ashley had a lot of fun with it.”
Beth Smith

“After my lessons with Christian, I feel more motivated going to practice, because I have a strong curriculum to build from. He’s an excellent teacher, and I would and have recommended him to everyone!”
Matthew Hobby

“I am more than glad to write an endorsement/ review of Christian for his teaching career/school. I have been attending lessons with C for 3-4 years now after a fallout with my previous two teachers. My previous teacher I had attended for about 3 years, followed by about 6 months elsewhere, but neither of those guys cut it anymore. It was a blessing to stumble upon c’s poster at a store, and I am so happy I did. His experience, engaging style, smile, patience, good rates, and ability to get the student to play real music is what sets him apart – to the point that I have been able to attract a few of my own students and give over some love for the drums. Thanks C for all the great times and being a good friend and mentor, I wish we could find more time to meet. I can be reached via facebook etc at this name if the prospective client has any questions. Ps I’m in my thirties, it’s never too late (BTW: he is amazing with kids too!).”
Jonathan Ka.

“Christian has taught me that drumming greatness is not about playing the most complex or fastest rhythm out there, it’s about playing, sometimes, the simplest rhythm with the utmost care and precision. He is teaching me to do just that.”
Kevin S.

“Christian combines an obvious passion for music with great talent as a musician and teacher. He listens carefully to the student and bases his lessons on the particular needs of the student. He has very high standards which he communicates in a gentle but compelling way. I have learned a lot about drumming and musicianship in general from him.”
Rob S.

“Christian has great musical ability, drumming knowledge and also a gift to teach. Although I have played for years, I had taken time off and was a bit rusty, he is helping me tighten up my technique. He has also helped be get the drum parts down for a number of songs that I will be performing with a group of musicians in a few months. My confidence level on the drums has really increased as he has shown me some simple ways to change the way I play with the result of much improvement. Christian is a master drummer, musician and teacher. I am very fortunate to find such a great instructor.”

“Dedicated, caring, patient and musically gifted drum teacher. Took lessons at NJ location and learned a lot. Highly recommended to anyone looking for drum lessons.”
Greg M.

Christian is a patient, generous, dedicated and encouraging instructor, with a love for the instrument, and an impressive grasp on different musical styles and the lineage of great drummers. He priorities cultivating a well-rounded foundation of proper technique and music history. He is adept at explaining complicated rhythmic concepts in easy to understand ways, and uses our discussions to formulate related homework exercises to build on my interests. He is a wonderful musician and composer, and watching him perform at shows has also been a valuable learning experience. I’ve been studying with Christian for three years, after coming to the drums late. With his ongoing guidance, I have a love for the instrument, and now have the confidence, comfort and competence, to hold my own when jamming with friends. I was also recently able to take the daunting leap of filling drum chair in a jazz ensemble course in the city. I highly recommend him as a teacher for students of any age.
Jonathan Kes